Tuesday, January 1, 2013

IPV6 Free6

This is my first entry in my hack log, I have decided to keep better records of the things that I try in case it may be of use to anyone, but moreso for a recorded history of hacks for the purpose of getting better at making things work and trying new things.

I've decided that ipv6 is a major networking project theme for me this year, this is the new and improved internet that will provide benefits for promoting music and media. I decided to test our free6, it was fairly simple to set up and I was able to get the client running on my Macbook pro (snow leopard). The client built , I also was required to build and install tunX/TapX device adapter here's the client http://www.gogo6.com/profile/gogoCLIENT

the tun/tap adapter for mac kernel extensions is here:

these need to be installed before you can run up the client, it's also wise to edit the config file that comes with the source for gogocleint

Here's the tuntap adapter


status of this hack not yet complete

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