Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sagemcom f@st 2864 BRIDGE with dd-wrt

Hi Folks,

If you are lucky enough to have FTTN service via VDSL as we are you likely have a BELL Connection hub or otherwise know to those in the know as a

Sagemcom fast 2864 

Listen... do yourself a favour and put this sucker in bridge mode and use your own internal router.  I had no end of trouble trying to do VPN networking with this device, trust me it doesn't work!  Furthermore they have watered down the administration panels so you basically can't get at any advanced settings.  They don't even give their technical resellers and information how to get into more advanced administrative functions.  Don't even bother.  To put this into bridge mode go into the resets page of the administration  panel and do a hard reset.  Make sure you know what your PPoE username and password is and jot down any port forwarding settings you may have set up.

you then connect to the device in factory settings ( admin, admin

do another factory reset, then connect port LAN1 to you WAN port on your own router.  Make sure that your PPPoE settings are entered correctly and you have set up your lan and gateway settings on your own internal router.

you will then be in bridged mode and hopefully you will have more control over your Internet connection and data.  Honestly I think it is a commercial plot for these companies to restrict your access and not allow you to do things like VPN where you can encrypt your traffic....but that's just the conspiracy guy talking ...

happy hacking!!