Friday, November 7, 2014

Sagemcom fast 2864 and the MAC OSX Machines

It's been a while all fine's an update that may help you if you are a MAC user and use Bell DSL for your internet.

I have literally had the worst experience of my life and it took a long time to figure out the problems on my WAN and using the Sagemcom fast 2864.  I was feeling inadequate all through this experience,  but right out of the gate this router was working against me, in a previous post I recommended to bridge mode this puppy as soon as you get it if you want to have any hope of using VPN or doing anything more advanced than actions of a regular surfer. The problems didn't end there however, I've discovered some real troubles with this router and mixed network of Windows,  Linux and MAC machines.  It's not the fact of mixed machines on the network, what I discovered is that the MAC OSX machine, when doing a large download or upload across this router, CRASHES THE ROUTER EVERY TIME.  You need to restart your router every time without any benefit of whirling rainbow wheels to make you feel a little better, just blinking lights that take forever to get back up to speed.

I had no troubles with Windows or Linux machines working with this router.  I have exactly the same problem at home with  with my Bell service going through this router:  

2Wire, Inc.
Model:2701HG-G Gateway


Now , you may give out a good groan, but I'm putting my conspiracy hat on again.  Is there some rivalry between Apple and Bell?  Is Bell trying to thwart Apple machines?  Or is there an underlying problem with the networking on MAC that they are not owning up to?  Do you, fair MAC user, have these troubles on your BELL DSL?

My provider has remedied the situation by replacing my SAGECOM with  a SMARTRG 505N in bridge mode. He verified and validated my suspicion that MAC OSX and some routers that Bell uses to deliver DSL don't like to play together.  PROBLEM FIXED!!! (thus far)