Tuesday, January 1, 2013

dd-wrt bridge router

I have had some problems because of bell installing my wireless router at the top floor of our house and our builders did not leave any pull through that would allow extra wiring to be added, I thought of an idea to use a bridge router, I had an old linksys wrt54g version 5 router kicking around.  The idea is that this would bridge my wired lan in my office in the basement of the house with the top floor of the house without having to run wires, essentially the linksys would bridge between the two lan segments wirelessly.

In fact it works quite well although the process was a long drawn our procedure of hacking the linksys with an open source firmware version known as dd-wrt.  Here's the link to the bridging instructions


The DD-WRT system is really quite sophisticated  I am now looking for a later version of the WRT Linksys in order to test IPV6 capabilities (see my IPV6 post)

DD-WRT is quite amazing, very impressive community software.  I'm sure there will be more notes on this system in the future as I'm just beginning to learn of the possibilities with a hacked router, plus it exposes a lot of the settings and concepts that are dumbed down and glossed over in commercial routers, lots of learning yet to do for me.

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